From an early age I didn’t like to eat vegetables and always wanted a slice of bread with something sweet on it instead. However, there was no problem when  Dutch pancakes were served for dinner!
My parents were at the end of their rope and even tried to make me eat healthy by baking Dutch Pancakes that had potato and vegetables in them. As a young child, however I could not be tricked!

Eventually I ate more and more vegetables, I sometimes secretly made pancakes when my mother was out shopping. Of course when she returned that evening I was not very hungry anymore for dinner. 😉

My love for Dutch pancakes continued to grow as I started to experiment with various toppings bot sweet and savory. I came to realize there are no limits to the possibilities! At an earlier age I thought many times about setting up a pancake restaurant so that everyone could enjoy my favorite food. However, there are many Dutch pancake restaurants in the Netherlands and I decided to focus on other things.

Now 22 years later and arrived in California with my American wife, its about time to put this dream to the test and give Americans the opportunity to taste my Dutch pancakes and other delicious products that will follow soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and hope to see you soon!

Tot ziens!


Nobody should be missing out on old Traditional Dutch Pancakes and other Dutch delights.
And so we will strive to make this available for everybody in the USA while all our products are chosen with love and care.